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Publish your passions, express yourself, all while discovering more Truths. Create a lesson, course, or bible study. Bond over your knowledge and wisdom you share. Connect, experience the joy of the online Christian community blog. 

We believe Christianity is a life decision that one incorporates the highest standard of living a meaningful life. By connecting with believers in every stage of life, their experiences to people seeking the Word, lost in the wilderness, unaware of bible truths, fighting to live their life, or needing to recharge their faith. They can see real-life experiences that they had gone through and how GOD changed their life. After all, don't forget we learn from each other.

Bible Study Groups

Our Mission

Accomplishing change starts with making decisions and taking action through GOD. Our mission is to sow and grow from Jesus' teachings and knowledge through the first and second testaments of the Holy Bible including, the non-canonical books. To accomplish this mission, we will show people of all classes and ages their experiences to the faithless then help build small proactive bible study groups. After that, once you believe, with GOD, all things are possible.

Have Your Song Be Read, Heard, and Seen By Many!

We have goals and big plans for REMNIES. Realistically, it's just a tool, without people participating, and the witnessing of Yeshua the Messiah - Jesus the Christ, is meaningless. We need your help. You control who sees your article. We help send out your blog, video, audio, and image out by using your post features, points, focus, intended audience, location, and other characteristics so people of all kinds can experience your testimony.

Our Goals & Purpose

We strive to uphold Christianity for faith renewal. Christian revival where it reliably produces positive, authentic Christian faith. Helping people understand genuine Christianity, enhancing our Christian knowledge with mind, body, and spirit to a healthy, steadfast, and goodness-actionable will with GOD through Jesus Christ for the Christian Community. 

Our goal is to help build and retain one million two to three or more person bible study groups. Two million people will be studying the Word. The purpose is simple when one study they will understand the truth and what's happening today. They can make an evolving change while we help them innovate!
Bible Groups
2 to 3 People
People Learning


Once you decide, commit to a time and don't quit. Join the community.

Learn It

Explore and understand what it's all about.

Live It

Be an example to your friends, family, neighbors, and be true to yourself.

Share It

You can't contain what you've learned. Tell everybody!


You are unique start evolving through your experiences.


Help each other build and implement new and fresh ideas!

Learn somethingoldnewlife-changinglife-savingand have fun!

How We Do It Is
What Sets Us apart

We are in the business of helping all people find the All-Mighty GOD. Together we make it easier to find relevant and practical resources at the right time for people just like you on a community basis. Helping each other understand and build parts of the Kingdom of GOD with the cross. Though the Holy Bible is the Word we will only need, there is no other better way than our experiences and daily passions to help people see through Jesus is the only way.

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