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A Genuine Guide to Find God Your Way in Your Journey Part 1

Personal Journey Part 1

After discovering the gods of this world, life seems to be unencouraging. From the very start of the world, the Creator created everything in seven days. People don't understand the Eternal One allowed us to choose otherwise we would not be in this temporal predicament.

Both good and evil are just another layer of misunderstanding. People force each other to do what they want because of the unknown, fear. So control is the most desirable option for safety. If GOD wanted to destroy the world, He would have done it. He is always in control. It's unreasonable to be in any container people placing on an individual. Praising Him will excel us to think, create, discover and move in ways that we can't imagine. Meaning, we need to keep the Almighty close to our hearts, just like the old prophets and disciples. Our faith and actions can't compare to the Patriarchs. In simple words, we need to see what He permits. It is the way it has always been to move forward to the new age.

Below are fundamentals I have discovered that are vital to one starting their journey. I began with these two topics because it's all about you in the beginning. Learning, preparing yourself, and pushing through the devil's tactics in your mind. I realized that building your house for the spirit, in the beginning, is the best way to understand your relationship and recognize GOD's characteristics your way. You need to understand yourself first. So you can CLEARLY hear GOD.

Also, start praying and reading the Good Book. Start with John to get into the habit.

I will continue to create detailed lessons and videos in the future.

Start and Concentrate on a Positive or Negative Trait About Yourself

Start enhancing or start fixing a trait about you that will become a lifetime activity for you. Focus on these three broad topics: your mind, the physical side of you, or your spirit. Remember, it can be something you are thriving or where you lack. Be creative. Start researching what is best for you.

For example, do you enjoy reading, then start reading the Holy Bible. Is your strength in watching or listening? I suggest, have a bible app. There are also Bible projects online where they do their best to replicate the Bible visually. However, the best option is always to study like you are in college.

Are you always happy, or sad, confused? Start with your spirit. You can do this by learning to meditate properly. Warning: stay away from that New Age stuff. GOD is not in any crystal or any unusual practice.

Are you naturally physically active? When you work out, let that be your church. It becomes a place where you and GOD together can have physical breakthroughs.

Be Genuinely Mindful to Yourself and Your Environment

When I was learning how to meditate, mindfulness is essential. The meaning of mindful in simple terms being conscious, aware. It takes a long time to pray in "mindfulness where you can be fully active but in the presence of ABBA. Practice makes perfect.

VERY IMPORTANT: Stand straight up and relax. Lean back a bit. When you walk in mindfulness you need to place your entire foot flat on the ground, all at once, when you walk into the step. Then do it again when you take the next step.

Practice mindfulness when you are moving anywhere. Notice the details, cracks on the street, signs, or a bottle, the small things. You will start to recognize your surroundings around you. When you get better at that, combine your thoughts and actions with GOD's teaching. The result is He will teach you new things that He wants you to learn or topics you have prayed for. He will show you without asking out loud. God is for everyone who wants to honestly seek with their whole mind, body, and soul.


The goal is something you have a long-term interest in, so you will stick with it. You need to build your spiritual house in yourself. When you fall or break down when life happens, it will be easier to rebuild yourself from the top down instead of starting back on the bottom. It needs to be something you love to do. You make it your lifetime hobby. So you stick with GOD. The devils start early planting negative seeds in your mind. This means you need something you have substantial breakthroughs. Something you can physically see, feel, laugh, love, challenge, sensations, or touch your heart driving emotions to better yourself while understanding the GOD moments. Yes, GOD moments.

The upcoming article will be about prayer, baptism, and how to study the Holy Bible. 

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